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Espresso Machine 20-Bar Espresso Maker 1.5L Water Tank (Sliver)

Espresso Machine 20-Bar Espresso Maker 1.5L Water Tank (Sliver)

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This espresso machine is equipped with 20 bar professional pump and 950-Watt high-power motor to provide you with high-quality coffee extract to ensure the best extraction of espresso and bring more strong aroma. A coffee machine with milk foam can be used as an espresso machine . Cappuccino Machine and latte machine. Enjoy the latte . cappuccino or Macchiato brewed by a professional barista at home. This stylish and compact espresso machine combination is perfect for home or office use. It is a great gift for family or friends.

Features :
  • ?20 BAR HIGH SPEED PUMP?: Semi-Automatic Espresso Machine . 20 bar professional energy saving pump .powerful pressure to extract coffee. (Glass cup & milk pitcher are not included).
  • ?PROFESSIONAL MILK FROTHING WAND?: Frothing milk for cappuccino and latte by hot steam wand. The steam wand rotate degrees . which can produce silky and smooth milk foam better.
  • ?EXACTLIY TEMPERATURE CONTROL?: With an accurate temperature control system . the temperature good for espresso extraction and temperature for milk expansion.
  • ?COFFEE DRINKS EASY?: Create an cappuccino . latte or flat white at home or office. The removable froth nozzle makes the cleaning easily.
  • ?C0NSIDERATE DESIGN?: Removable drip tray allows you to use a larger cup. SUS304 stainless steel nipple is not easy to rust.
  • Espresso Machine . Espresso and Cappuccino latte Maker 20 Bar Pump Coffee Machine Compatible with ESE POD capsules filter&Milk Frother Steam Wand .950W .1.5L Water Tank

Specifications :
  • Product Dimensions : H 11.85 in . W 9 in . D 10.63 in
  • Material : Steel
  • Product Color : Silver
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